Drywall & Ceilings

Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service installs, repairs, and restores drywall in your home or business. Whether you call it drywall, sheetrock, or gypsum board, it’s a magic material that forms most of the interior walls in most houses and businesses built after World War II. Drywall is less expensive and easier to install than plaster, but does require expertise and craftsmanship.

Drywall is lighter than plaster and installed on metal or wood studs. After the sheets of drywall are attached to the studs, the joints are taped and coated with drywall mud, or spackle. Those joints are sanded, mud is reapplied, and the area is resanded. Drywall must be primed. After priming, any irregularities are more readily apparent, and we remud and resand as required. We work on your drywall until it’s perfect.

Drywall is also easier to damage than plaster. That’s where we come in. Whatever the cause of damage, we can make your drywall walls or ceilings look like new.

Certain areas of your home may have special drywall requirements. These types include:

High impact drywall

We can install this type of drywall in high risk areas including shops and even playrooms. It has additional fibers built into the core and a thicker paper surface.

Green board

A water resistant drywall must be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. This is usually a code requirement in many areas of the country.

Sound board or QuietRock

Do you have a music room? This type of drywall has extra polymers added to the gypsum to convert sound energy into heat energy.

Fire-rated sheetrock

This is used most in commercial, industrial, or institutional situations where fire rated walls are required. However, there are some residential uses, particularly in multi-family situations. Ask us about your home or business.

We can also remove and replace popcorn, or textured, ceilings. Although popular in the past, many people have decided that smooth ceilings are better. We can remove popcorn ceilings and give you the unblemished ceiling you want.

Whether you need new drywall installed, have cracked walls or ceilings, water issues, or otherwise damaged drywall, we will make the surfaces in your home or business look great and perform well. Call us.