We love to make tired rooms and exteriors look like new again. There are few fixes for homes that are so immediately satisfying as freshly painted walls, shutters, window frames, and trim. We paint interiors and exteriors and help you choose paint types and colors that you will love.

One of the most important things in any paint job is to examine the coatings that have already been applied, determine the type of surface preparation that will be required, and choose the primers to be used. We also repair and patch drywall and plaster, fill and sand any wood areas that have been damaged, remove paint and coatings that are not repairable, apply primers that will ensure good adhesion, and add the final coats of the selected paint.

Outside we do power washing prior to the rest of our work so that we are starting with clean surfaces. If required we will use special cleaning agents to remove mildew or other fungi that can ruin the longevity of the final paint coatings. We will remove and replace damaged siding, fascia, and other trim, remove all loose and flaking paint, sand and fill surfaces, and prime all wood, metal, and cement surfaces to ensure adhesion.

We will talk with you about appearance. Besides choosing colors, we will want you to choose the types of finishes:


This is the flattest paint type and provides the least reflectance. Typically, this is used on ceilings and other places where a high degree of reflectance isn’t needed. It is also used for interior walls where the homeowner wants no background sheen at all.


This has slightly more gloss than matte, and is frequently used in interiors for walls since it has a little sheen but is not distracting.


Also used often for interior walls and for trim that should have less sheen than semi-gloss. This is also the choice for kitchen and bath walls since it will allow less absorption of moisture.


This is often used in interiors for trim. It has more shine than eggshell, but isn’t as obvious as a high gloss enamel would be. It is also very easy to clean.

High gloss

This may be used for trim, an accent area, a front door, or cabinetwork. It is very reflective and shiny. Semi-gloss and high gloss are both easy to clean.

The paints themselves can be either water based or oil based. The oil based paint is referred to as alkyd, while water based paints are called latex.

Oil based paints are often used on exteriors since they can provide a longer lasting finish that tends to be more weather resistant. Water based paints are most often used inside for several reasons. They are easier to clean, they do not have the level of fumes, and they are not subjected to the freeze-thaw cycle and damaging weather conditions.

Other options are anti-condensation and mildew resistant paints. In bathrooms or kitchens we may recommend this type of paint. There are also heat resistant paints that are suited for use in areas around fireplaces or on metal radiators or baseboards.

We will talk with you about our recommendations for your home. Call us to schedule an appointment today.