Metal Roofing

Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service installs, repairs, and replaces metal roofs. We also provide emergency services and offer repair work after inclement weather strikes. We know that your home and business represent a large investment. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Metal roofs are becoming more common in residential and commercial buildings. They present a beautiful appearance, are more weather resistant in emergencies, last longer than shingle roofs, and require fewer repairs. Ask us about metal roofs and whether metal is appropriate for your home or commercial building.

When you need a new roof, we provide tear-off and replacement services. We dispose of the old materials, offer substrate repair or replacement, inspect insulation, install ice and water shield if appropriate, provide materials including felt and decking, and inspect roof vent installation. We clean up all work and leave your job site in as-new condition.

  • Metal roofs can be standing seam, which is the type most commonly seen on pitched roofs. 
  • Metal roofs can also be panels that resemble shingles, wood shakes, and tile roofs. This comes in interlocking panels that are installed with special clips so the joins are not visible. These roofs are handsome as well as stronger and more durable than the types of roofs they resemble. 
  • Other metal roofs are constructed with overlapping panels which are not joined into standing seams. This type is also called 5V roofing, and is very common in central Alabama. It is a less expensive alternative for metal roofing.

Call us for all your roofing needs. We are here for you in emergencies, but also any time you need a new roof. We’ll help you select the type of roof best suited to your needs and budget, and install it correctly and efficiently.