Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs are the most common residential roofing material. We install, repair, and replace asphalt, architectural, wood, metal, and composition shingles. We understand the requirements for craftsmanlike installation of all these roofing types; the correct underlayment, the fasteners required, construction of valleys, installation of drip edges, flashing for all roof penetrations, the size of guttering for the drainage area, and all the details that separate an excellent job from an adequate job. We do it all in an affordable manner and in your budget.

When selecting the type of shingle for your roof, there are a number of considerations. In central Alabama, we recommend choosing shingles that have a higher wind resistance rating. There are numerous classes for shingles including:

  • Class A shingles withstand 60 mph winds
  • Class D withstands 90 mph
  • Class F indicates shingles that can withstand not only 110 mph wind across the surface, but also 110 mph uplift drafts
  • Class G is 120 mph
  • Class H is 150 mph

Talk with us about the costs and benefits of rated shingles in our area. The various shingles come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so we can help you select the ones that fit your budget and design requirements.

We also supply and install other shingle types:

Wood shingles

are almost all western red cedar because of the inherent qualities of the wood; straight grain, dimensional stability, low weight, low density, impenetrability to fluids, and—probably most important—decay resistance. Wood shingles are sawn and are more tailored than wood shakes. Red cedar roofs will weather to a silvery grey that is very distinctive and lovely.

Wood shakes

are also typically western red cedar, but are split and rough rather than being smooth. Shakes present a more casual and rustic character to a home. They will also weather to the silver grey color.

Metal shingles

can resemble other types of shingles including wood shingles and shakes, tile roofs, and slate roofs. Metal shingles come in sheets that are installed with hidden clips and provide a beautiful surface. They are highly weather and wind resistant and very long lasting.

Slate shingles

are panels of slate that have been split into 1/4” to 3/16" thicknesses. Real slate is very heavy and requires different substrate and structure than typical shingle roofs. Faux slate tiles made of composites are a beautiful alternative to real slate. Ask us about our recommendations for your home.

We provide tear-off services and disposal services for your old roof. We will repair the decking as needed and provide all of the underlayment necessary including ice shield where appropriate. We will also provide all of the flashing, metalwork, gutters, leaders, downspouts, vents, skylights, and other accessories.

Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service supplies, installs, repairs, and replaces all types of shingle roofs. We provide emergency dry-in services 24/7. Call us for all of your shingle roof needs.